July  2021

Presentations from the Final Seminar

February 2021

Participatory Teaching Methods in Online Learning by Osku Haapasaari and Noora Vähäkari, UTU

January / February 2020

Modelling future power systems towards sustainability: Optimization of grid, storage and power plant investments for 100 % renewable power systems by Martin Jahn, EUF

Energy System Modelling Exercises by Clemens Wingenbach, EUF

Combined Optimization of Grid and Storage Expansion in the German Power System by Ulf Philipp Müller, EUF

November / December 2019

EnergyPLAN – Advanced Energy System Analysis Computer Model by Mika Korkeakoski, UTU

April / May 2019

Cost if Energy and Power Plants by Martin Jahn, EUF

External Costst of Energy and Climate Change by Martin Jahn, EUF

Herramientos, mecanismos, incentivos y Financiamiento de la Sostenibilidad by Prof. Jérico Camino Napurí, UACA

April / May 2018

Introduction to Power Systems Operation and Control by Yrjö Majanne, TUT

CubaLINDA – Scenario construction tool for energy planning by Jyrki Luukkanen, UTU

November 2018

EUF – Lecture; Climate Change by Melek Böhnke

EUF – Lecture; Energy & Economics by Melek Bönhke

EUF – Lecture; Intro Electricity System Modelling by Melek Bönhke

EUF – Lecture; Modelling & Excel Model by Melek Böhnke

January 2019

Biomasa by UVigo

Combustión by UVigo

Pirólisis by UVigo

Gasificación by UVigo

Financiamiento Proyectos de Inversión by Jérico Camino

April / May 2019

EUF – Lecture; Cost of Energy and Power Plants by M. Eng. Martin Jahn

EUF – Lecture; External Costs of Energy and Climate Change by M. Eng. Martin Jahn

Tools, mechanisms, incentives and financing of sustainability part 1 by Jérico Camino Napurí

Tools, mechanisms, incentives and financing of sustainability part 2 by Jérico Camino Napurí